Make informed decisions about going back to work safely

Take control of COVID-19 by knowing your risk!

Use our clinical risk calculator to understand your personalized risk of serious illness of complications from COVID. Arm yourself with knowledge.

  • Have valid insight into your risks
  • Understand your family members’ and close contacts’ risk levels
  • Access curated information about a team of medical specialists

Determine your risk

Using the latest scientific data, we can predict your risk of medical complications, and keep you informed in real-time

Personalized recommendations based on your risk

Everyone’s risk is different. Find out where you and your loved ones stand.

See Family and Friends in one place

Add family members, friends, contacts and your workplace in one risk calculator with our Premium edition.

Keep up with the latest know-how about COVID-19

Our team of medical professionals will curate a high-impact selection of the medical literature on COVID-19, available in the Premium version of the app.

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Behind the Creators​

Our team consists of medical doctors, university professors, engineers, programmers, and creative talent all working together to bring you the latest scientific information to protect yourself against COVID-19.

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